Crescent Foundation is passionate about opening opportunities to everyone, no matter race or background.

Together with our partners and sister entities – Crescent Wealth Super, Crescent Finance and Crescent Institute, we invest collective networks, resources and funds to mobilise support from a wider group of entities and individuals, towards projects and initiatives that have a catalysing impact on their target segment.

We need your support to expand the reach of our impact.

Overview of 4 fields of impact



We support three initiatives designed to break the educational, cultural and employment barriers refugees face when beginning a new life in Australia.


Helping the Homeless

We are committed to helping the homeless and destitute across Australia break their cycle of misfortune and open their lives up to better opportunities.


Conservation of Islamic Art & Culture

With art and culture being a precursor towards dialogue and discourse, we support initiatives that open opportunities to present and preserve Islamic art and culture in Australian society.


Civics, Youth and Democracy

With civic engagement and democratic values inherent features of our Australian identity, we support initiatives that empower our youth to be engaged leaders of tomorrow.


We need your support and engagement to facilitate more:

  • scholarships
  • mentorships
  • employment opportunities
  • multicultural engagement
  • community impact