Nominations open for Crescent Awards 2023

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17/07/23 4:17 PM

Australia’s premier national awards for inspiring Muslim learners, educators, leaders, and educational teams

The Crescent Foundation, in partnership with Crescent Wealth and the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education at the University of South Australia, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated second annual Crescent Awards. These prestigious awards aim to acknowledge, showcase, and celebrate the inspired achievements and contributions of educators, leaders, educational teams, and Muslim learners across educational sites in Australia.

Building upon the resounding success of its inaugural year, the Crescent Awards 2023 continue to serve as a national platform to showcase and celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions made by individuals, teams, Islamic schools, and educational sites across Australia. The awards encompass three categories: secondary school Muslim learners, individual educators, and educator team praxis awards.

Nominations are now officially open and will remain so until the end of July. Distinguished panels, comprising esteemed Muslim educational and community leaders, as well as independent schooling experts, will thoroughly evaluate the applications. The award winners will be revealed and celebrated during a gala dinner event in Dandenong South on Saturday, 19 August.

Professor Mohamad Abdalla (AM), Director of the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education at the University of South Australia and awards judge, emphasizes that these awards recognize all stakeholders in the Islamic schooling and education sector for their unwavering commitment to service, particularly in priority areas and distinctive forms of practice. The awards acknowledge and showcase the incredible Muslim learners, educators, leaders, and schools for their commitment to the integrated aims of self-development and social development in Islamic education. The Crescent Awards celebrate the distinct purpose valued in education, resisting narrow forms of performativity driven by market utility, reminding us of the Prophetic saying, "The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people."

"With the Australian Muslim community comprising approximately one million people and making substantial contributions across various walks of life, it is paramount to recognize the emergence of a new generation through schools and educational settings. The Crescent Awards seek to honor young individuals who showcase outstanding achievements, contributions, and services, as well as celebrate the leading educators, educator teams, and schools that empower them to excel. Through this recognition, the aim is to pave the way for a brighter future, not only within the community but for broader society."

Crescent Wealth Managing Director, Professor Talal Yassine OAM, emphasizes that success should never be concealed in the shadows of modesty but rather celebrated with resounding applause and genuine pride. The Crescent Awards 2023 serve as a beacon, illuminating the accomplishments of individual learners, educators, and educator teams who have dared to dream, strive, and succeed. By celebrating success, it not only honors those who have persevered but also inspires others to reach for greatness, believe in their own potential, and embrace the possibilities that lie before them. Crescent Wealth is proud to support such a worthwhile Awards program.

The Hon. Professor Bob Carr, Crescent Foundation Chair, reaffirms the organization's commitment to supporting the Muslim community and opening doors for all Australians. Through the Crescent Awards, the aim is to recognize individuals and institutions that enrich the young community within the educational sector. The dedication lies in empowering more Muslims to ascend to senior executive ranks and other high-profile roles across all sectors, enabling them to make a significant contribution to the fabric of Australian society.

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