Our RefugEEE Initiatives - Education, Empowerment, Employment

Our three refugEEE initiatives are designed to break the educational, cultural and employment barriers refugees face when beginning a new life in Australia.


Refugees often work several jobs to stay afloat, support their families and continue their education. Undertaking any form of extra-curricular activity is a luxury. We facilitate the provision of bursaries helping refugees minimise the financial burden of fulfilling their academic potential. In supporting their education, you have an opportunity to make a real impact on the young person, their families and the communities they go on to support.


With no networks to leverage, refugees miss out on the important guidance that helps others navigate social and corporate environments. We provide refugees a guided and structured mentorship through the "Crescent Champions Club", our network of influential leaders. Facilitated by our partners Deakin University and their Center for Refugee Employment Advocacy Training and Education (CREATE), we ensure that refugees are paired with Crescent Champions experienced in their field of interest to maximise potential career outcomes. Through the 6 month program, mentors guide students through a variety of career skills that prepare them for full-time employment.



Employment is one of the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Refugees face both logistical and discriminatory barriers when seeking employment. We are committed to providing pathways to employment. Our research partnership with The University of Sydney has provided vital insights into the employment barriers refugees face in Australia informing our partnership with Community Corporate, an organisation that helps refugees find work. Our donations to Community Corporate are matched by companies that agree to hire and up-skill refugees.