Crescent Foundation is passionate about opening opportunity to everyone, no matter race or background.

Together with our partners and sister entities – Crescent Wealth Super, Crescent Finance and Crescent Institute, we invest collective networks, resources and funds to mobilise support from a wider group of entities and individuals, towards projects and initiatives that have a catalysing impact on their target segment.

Crescent Foundation distributes all monies and donations received to our partners who are Australian registered charities and hold Deductible Gift Recipient status.


We support catalytic initiatives in our four areas of focus.


Education & Refugees

With the increasing rate of refugees re-settling in Australia, we seek out catalytic initiatives that can open up opportunities for refugees.


Helping the Homeless

We are committed to helping the homeless and destitute across Australia break their cycle of misfortune and open their lives up to better opportunities.


Conservation of Islamic Art & Culture

With art and culture being a precursor towards dialogue and discourse, we seek out catalytic initiatives that open opportunities to present and preserve Islamic art and culture in Australian society.


Civics, Youth and Democracy

With civic engagement, youth leadership and democratic values as being inherent features of our Australian identity, we seek to support catalytic initiatives that can open opportunities for our youth to participate more effectively in our governing systems.

Our Approach

Our approach to giving is simple: we seek to multiply your contribution by catalysing the powerful networks and resources at our disposal and challenging our partners to deliver unconventional means to solving for our focus areas. Beyond that, 100% of the contributions you make flow through to our recipients.


We do not deduct any fees or monies from your contributions, allowing us to provide maximum impact to our recipients and their families.

The Crescent Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, and is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as an Item 2 Deductible Gift Recipient, known as an ancillary fund (ABN 31 436 754 605)

The Crescent Foundation holds Tax Charity Concession status, therefore, under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 all donations of $2 and over are fully tax-deductible.

This means we are eligible to receive funds from generous individuals and/or organisations and forward the contributions onto ATO approved DGR 1 entities.

All our partners have DGR Item 1 Status.

All the costs and expenses of Crescent Foundation are covered by our corporate supporter, Crescent Wealth and its sister organisations.

Complete transparency and visibility - Crescent Foundation is independently audited annually by:



Our Board & Ambassadors

Crescent Foundation distributes all monies and donations received to our partners who are Australian registered charities and hold Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Crescent Foundation Directors play an important strategic, governance and oversight role in the organisation.


The Hon. Professor Bob Carr



Ms Samira Baqatada



Mr Affy Bhatti



Penny Bingham-Hall



Dr Sayd Farook

Executive Director


Talal Yassine



Craig Foster


AMEN BINAH BW Portraits0824

Amen Zoabi



Regina Abood

Company Secretary


Raja Yassine


Our Partners