Lighthouse is empowering your local community

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25/03/22 2:56 AM

Led by the venerable Gandhi Sindiyan, Lighthouse Community Support is a Sydney based charity that has been doing front line support for families on the edge, those experiencing hardship and crisis and youth who are disengaged. Their work reaches communities that are often overlooked and not known to most people. We are delighted to supercharge their work with our support.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you do what you do?

We are Lighthouse Community Support.

Lighthouse Community Support is a registered charity who provide support and programs to various groups in the community who are genuinely experiencing hardships, including those family who struggle to make ends meet as well as those who are socially isolated due to deeper ingrained issues. We provide a safe place for families who feel the need for a sense of belonging.

Lighthouse Community Support adapt to where there is a need. We do what we do to support our community and shine light during their darkest moments.

What is the cause you are raising funding for today?

Lighthouse Community support will be raising funds to support our local community experiencing hardships. The funds will go toward:

  • supporting families who require medical support, food, water, clothing, living expenses and other essential items.
  • supporting those experiencing hardships due to medical reasons, trauma, mental health, family breakdowns, and socio-economic hardships
  • supporting those who are impacted from crisis situations.
  • empowering our youth and our vulnerable community who are at risk or disengaged through tailored support programs. They are provided with revolutionary solutions, connected to positive mentors and empowered with the education and resources needed to thrive.

Why does raising funds for this matter to you and the organisation you are supporting?

Lighthouse witnesses firsthand the effect our support has on each individual and on the families in our community and not only does it humble us, but also inspires us to do more and grow our initiative.

We have families here in our local community who can’t afford to provide their family with nutritious meals this Ramadan, pantries are empty or missing essential items like fridges and furniture. We have families suffering from health conditions, unable to work due to unfortunate circumstances, can’t afford or access medical treatment, or make ends meet.

Over the years we have worked with thousands of families, young adolescents, and vulnerable individuals in their homes, community and school environment to address issues and provide them with positive pathways and solutions. Currently, we are inundated with calls for support from within our own community, and the need substantially increases as Ramadan approaches.

Lighthouse Community Support is an extension of our community and we are always humbled and honoured to be able to support those experiencing hardships.

How will the funds you raise measurably impact lives? and how many lives?

The funds we raise from our Light it Up! The campaign will light up the lives of thousands of families and individuals experiencing hardship from within our local community.

Every contribution creates a solution and makes a difference to someone’s life. Through the generous donations from our community, we will be able to shine a light on those who are experiencing darkness.

What’s distinct about the organisation’s work?

Many charitable organisations focus on providing international aid and support and May Allah (swt) reward and bless their efforts.

Lighthouse Community Support supports our home community experiencing hardships and those who are trying to find the middle ground in a neglected population.

Why should we support this cause as opposed to all the other important causes that the world is suffering from now?

Charity starts at home and our local community need our support.