Media Diversity Australia’s Women of Colour Mentorship

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29/11/22 8:53 AM

Crescent Foundation is proud to sponsor Media Diversity Australia’s Women of Colour Mentorship program, which is helping women from diverse backgrounds pave a pathway towards leadership roles within the media.

Angelique Lu is one of the mentees awarded a place in the 12-month program, and is currently being mentored by Bernadette Lim, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries (SBS).

“Lee Lin Chin is one of my journalism heroes. She was the first Asian woman I saw on television that wasn’t on a reality cooking show. I love her accent, the way she commanded authority when she read the news, and of course, her fierce outfits.”

The program matches each mentee with a mentor currently working in the media industry and through both in-person and online sessions provides them with support and guidance on professional development, leadership and presentation skills and compelling storytelling.

“One of the reasons I became a journalist was that I wanted to hear more stories about the people I grew up with. Ordinary people who had their backstories and histories who might otherwise be overlooked. This program gives me hope that more of these stories will be heard.”

Read more about why cultural diversity in media matters and the Crescent Foundation’s partnership with Media Diversity Australia here.