Crescent Wealth is a proud supporter for the Crescent Foundation.


Crescent Wealth does not invest in any company that earns more than 5% of its income from prohibited sources (this percentage cap is determined and set by AAOIFI, the global standard for Islamic investment principles). As such, the Crescent Foundation is an important element of Crescent Wealth’s compliance with Islamic investment principles.

As and when one of the Fund’s managed by Crescent Wealth receives distributions such as dividends, Crescent Wealth on advice of the Shariah Supervisory Board determines whether any component of that income could be Prohibited Income (earned within the 0-5% threshold) and subsequently any such Prohibited Income is cleansed by being distributed to the Crescent Foundation.

The Crescent Foundation then distributes 100% of the received donations in supporting refugee education with Western Sydney University and helping the homeless.

Of note is that Crescent Wealth’s ethical filters have operated stringently and efficiently in selecting Islamic compliant companies that minimal tainted income has accumulated.

To find out more more about the Crescent Wealth, feel free to contact them via:


Phone: 1300 926 626.