Crescent Community Grants

$100,000 to help you catalyse impact

Applications are now closed. We will be in touch with each applicant with their respective outcomes.

About Crescent Community Grants

Crescent Community Grants is an open-source competition that will enable any entity – whether private sector, third sector or group of individuals – to apply for funding of up to $30k from Crescent Foundation.

Our strategic objectives include


To support and fund initiatives that have a catalytic impact on the target segment

To inspire others to act in a catalytic manner

To catalyse funding from a wider section of partners, institutions and donors

Key Features

  • After careful deliberation based on a transparent selection criteria, Crescent Foundation’s board will choose the initiative(s) that it will fund in FY 2021-2022.
  • Up to 5 grants with a total grant pool of $100k will be allocated per year and be payable over 3 years, subject to performance milestones, mutually agreed upon.
  • It is the discretion of the board whether it decides to fund all 5 spots for the year. The Foundation may choose not to fund any initiatives depending on the quality of submissions.



A breakdown of the $100k prize

Grant amount

Total funding allocated


Community Projects

2 x $5k



High Impact Projects

3 x 3 year


The Judges


The Hon. Professor Bob Carr



Ms Samira Baqatada



Mr Affy Bhatti



Penny Bingham-Hall



Dr Sayd Farook

Executive Director


Talal Yassine



Craig Foster


AMEN BINAH BW Portraits0824

Amen Zoabi


A summary of the selection criteria


Causes – Funding initiatives related to Refugees, Homelessness, Islamic art and culture or Civics, youth and democracy – initiatives outside of this core mandate may be funded if they are seen to be unanimously and overwhelmingly deserving by the Board.

Organisations – Must be set up as an organization prior to receipt of funding. Individuals may apply as a group so long as they can demonstrate that they are able to set up an entity to deploy the funding upon receipt.

Australian - Only for Australian registered entities

Board's Ultimate Discretion -  While the criteria are utilised by the board, the board reserves the right to chose outside of these criteria where they believe there are projects that are more deserving as the board sees fit. ​


Criteria Elaboration


What are we looking for

We are looking to spark and accelerate the change-makers of tomorrow. You might just have a rough proposition, but you know you can do it because you’ve done awesome stuff before. We want to be the catalysing force that backs you to make that decisive transformation that will change the condition of your target segment.

We’re looking at individuals, groups, teams and organisations who will use our funding to catalyse other funding, preferably sustainable sources such as generating revenue through the sale of goods or services.

We’re looking at teams that will be a catalytic force on the target segment and not just solve the immediate symptom.

We’re looking for role models that will inspire the future generation of change-makers.