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We connect individuals from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds with Australian leaders to fast-track their leadership career. Applications are now open for the second annual cohort of the Crescent Champions Club.

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Supporting DEAKIN CREATE Career Clinics

“Behind every story of "self-made" success is a group of unsung heroes who cleared obstacles and created opportunities. We all need sponsors to open doors and mentors to open our minds. In our careers, few things matter more than knowing people willing to take a chance on us."
Adam Grant

Best Selling Author of Give and Take and the Originals and Wharton School Professor

Crescent Champions Club

The Crescent Champions Club nurtures individuals from a refugee or asylum seeker background by pairing them up with influential leaders that mentor and guide their journey towards career success and leadership.

The first cohort of the Crescent Champions Club was a tremendous success, with more than 69% of graduate mentees finding paid employment. We look forward to increasing that rate with your help. If you’ve got the experience, you can change a refugee’s life forever.

As a Champion, you will be able to offer 

  • Guidance on how to go about progressing in their careers
  • Guidance about life choices
  • Access to valuable networks and connections

Join as a Crescent Foundation Champion and help individuals from a refugee or asylum seeker background by sponsoring and guiding their journey towards success.

Past mentors have said...

“I don't know how to describe it but hmm… I just feel more fulfilled. You know, sometimes I am the one telling him about what’s going on at work… I feel I can do something good… a kind of meaning like… I am a partner in a law firm, and I don’t get that feeling from running (the firm)”.

“It’s nice for me to … my wisdom to impart. I’ve had a lot of help (from others) throughout my career and my career is elevated very quickly. And yeah… it’s nice for me to do this (being a mentor at the Career Clinic) … I make time during the year even though my time is very limited. But that’s one of the things in my week that I enjoy”.

“I was able to help her (mentee) quite a lot. She got really good feedback (from the Career Clinic) so that was helpful. I would be happy to be involved in the program again this year. And I think I’ll probably do a better job with the benefit of having done this initial one”.

Our Champions

Prof. Bob Carr
Former Foreign Minister
Government of Australia
Penny Bingham-Hall
Non-Executive Director
Prof. Prabhu Sivabalan
Assistant Dean
Heba Hammoud
Retail Executive Leader
Prof. Talal Yassine OAM
Managing Director
Crescent Wealth
Yousif Odeh
Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet
Amen Zoabi
Managing Director
BINAH Construction
Affy Bhatti
Dr. Sayd Farook
Senior Partner
Dinar Standard
Peter Gould
Chief Design Officer
Gould Studio
Craig Foster
Former Socceroo
Samy Mansour
Clayton Utz
Serena Stewart
Senior Manager
Vanessa Liell
Executive Director
Crescent Institute
Ahmad Hammoud
Head of Supply Chain
Konica Minolta
Miriam Silva
Premier's Council for Women
Murray Hurps
Director of Entrepreneurship
Betina Szkudlarek
Associate Professor
University of Sydney
Hanan Hammoud
General Counsel
Alice Young
Equity Diversity & Inclusion Leader
Richard Cawood
Jun Zhang
Managing Consultant
Athar Shafaei
Swinburne University
Kathleen Conlon
Andrea Ashley-Brown
Communications Manager
Tracy Wilcox
Academic Director Postgraduate Programs
Rachel Debeck
Chief Operating Officer
Keri Pratt
General Manager
State Super
Ramzy Alamudi
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Cameron Kerr
CEO / Taronga Conservation Society
Ashhab Bari
Management Consultant
Omar Khan
Freehold Investment Management
Jenn Morris
Chief Executive Officer
The Nature Conservancy
Chada Zoabi
Strategic Projects Manager
Orange Hire

Are you from a refugee or asylum seeker background?

The Crescent Champions Club offers access to exclusive leadership and career development privileges:

Crescent Foundation has partnered with Deakin CREATE in support of their careers clinic program and expertise in supporting people from refugee backgrounds to build their careers after leaving their home country. 

Register as a Participant (Mentee)

Together with the Deakin CREATE team, we will:


  • Match and connect you to the right Champions who are leaders in the field, and will take you "under their wings" to mentor and guide your career development.

  • Guide you step by step to develop your skills, brand, and understanding of the talent market to help you achieve the role you want through Deakin University CREATE's highly acclaimed Graduate Career Clinics.

  • Provide exclusive access to events with high-profile leaders of Australian industry and society.

DISCLAIMER: Application to Crescent Champions is currently restricted to individuals who are legally entitled to live in Australia either as a citizen, permanent resident or under an asylum seeker / refugee / temporary protection visa. If you do not qualify for any of those, please refrain from applying.

Past participants have said...

“I think the fact that we could spend time with our mentors outside the Career Clinic was really great because you know… we had more time and we were more focused. And then I think the fact that they matched people… the mentors and mentees based on some sort of commonalities was also really great. It (the Career Clinic) was really helpful and sort of exceeded my expectation, because when I started the Career Clinic I was looking for a job but I didn’t know that I would get a job at the end. Obviously I was very satisfied.”

“It was really nice because it may seem like I wasn’t alone here. The clinic people have been amazing… so supportive. They are trying to find a way to help you… My first mentor was amazing. We were talking a lot during the clinic… almost twice of three times per week… I know I can count on her if I need something. She was absolutely brilliant. It was amazing. I’m really glad to have joined these clinics”.

“She (the mentor) really helped me with transition into a new area or sector… She was very supportive by encouraging me to do things so sometimes there are opportunities”.

Deakin CREATE & The Crescent Champions Graduate Career Clinics: 2021 Impact Report

In 2021 Deakin University’s Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training, and Education (CREATE) partnered with the Crescent Foundation to develop and deliver career clinics for recent or soon-to-be university graduates from refugee backgrounds.